Versatility embodies our line of Mojito custom boats and is the foundation for each model in our fleet. Whether you are a serious fisherman or just looking to spend quality time on the water with your family and friends, we can custom build a boat to your exact specifications and needs. All of our boats are built with the same emphasis on quality and craftsmanship as our line of Rivolta Yachts and are based upon the extremely seaworthy and versatile panga design. Every aspect from the initial design stage to the final construction process is done in house at our facility in Sarasota, Florida and has been from the start, ranging from prototyping/tooling to the end result of a finished boat. The Mojito RPD (Reengineered Panga Design) hull incorporates a strongly rising curvilinear sheer and unique bottom design that makes for a very smooth and dry ride. This translates into a boat that is extremely efficient in the water, requiring much less horsepower and allowing for a significant increase in fuel economy compared to other boats in the same size class. All of our boats are 100% fiberglass construction and positive flotation (foam filled), giving you the added confidence of durability and safety when out to sea. Every boat that leaves our factory is different from the last in some way and we pride ourselves on the level of customization that we offer to our clients, whether you are looking for a fully loaded fishing platform or a comfortable weekend boat with amenities, we can build it.